Meet Killian

My name is Killian, and I am from Fermoy in County Cork. Growing up I was always drawing and playing with Lego. Throughout secondary school my favourite subject was Technical Graphics, and after studying Design and Communication Graphics as a subject for my leaving cert, I knew that Product Design was what I wanted to study in college.

I am an aspiring industrial designer with a passion for problem solving and I am constantly seeking to grow my skill set. Design, I believe, is about engaging with others, providing a solution to a problem, and aiding people’s lives.

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Pulse is a gait assistant and activity companion designed for people who experience “Freezing of Gait.” This occurs most commonly in people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or stroke victims. The device vibrates to signal when each heel strike of the user’s gait should occur. This bypasses the freezing episodes by creating rhythmic motor co-ordination.

The device also displays a light which represents the user’s daily activity. The light changes colour to symbolise moving from low activity to high activity. This allows the user to know how active they have been without quantifying it. The goal of this is to keep the user active enough to offset muscle atrophy while also ensuring they are not too active as this could result in a fall from fatigue.

Pulse can be customised to provide for a wider range of users. In addition, there are multiple attachment options so the user can wear the device as they prefer.