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Karen Crowley - aWEAR

Meet Karen

Hi, my name is Karen Crowley, and I am a designer from the Beara Peninsula in West Cork. I knew from a young age that design would be a big part of my future. I did both art and technology throughout secondary school which was the perfect combination for a course like Product Design in UL. Design to me is a tool that enhances every experience a user has with every product they touch. As a designer, I have the capability to problem solve with both creative and practical intent.

My passion is in UI/UX design and visualisation. I love creating impactful and visually pleasing product outputs backed up by qualitative research. I also have a strong interest in sustainability within design.

My time studying Product Design & Technology in UL has made me extremely enthusiastic and confident about pursuing a career in design.

If you would like to get in touch with Karen you can view her LinkedIn profile or email her. 

aWEAR - 'Become aware of what you wear'

aWEAR is the new and innovative product system for textile analysis and verification using NIR spectroscopy sensor technology to aid with the project goal of evolving consumer behaviour around textile awareness.

The aWEAR device is used alongside the aWEAR app providing unique features for three different target groups:

  1. Industry - Aids buyers when researching across different regions for appropriate textiles. The quick verification, storage and analysis of the data acquired from the scan improves efficiency and usability.
  2. SPD - Sensory processing disorder SPD affect thousands of people globally. aWear helps people with SPD to identify certain textile triggers of their condition and find suitable materials.
  3. General use - As the project stemmed from a desire to improve sustainability within the fashion industry, I wanted to keep this goal, aWear assists consumers in identifying what items of clothing are recyclable, synthetic and/or greenwashing.