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Jesse O'Regan - ModifEye

Meet Jesse

From a very young age I have always had a passion for creating. I was constantly building with Lego and making toys and various products out of cardboard and any materials I could find. When I was just a young boy my mother showed me the UL website with the information and videos of the Product Design course. I decided there and then, at the tender age of 12 that this is what I wanted to study. I chose to study Product Design because it enables me to pursue my passion for creating.  I find great joy and satisfaction in creating something unique and new. These last four years doing Product Design has given me new tools, resources and training to improve and grow my creative passion.

If you would like to get in touch with Jesse you can email him. 


Every person is unique and has a unique lifestyle. Often things in life don’t accommodate that, especially when it comes to something like personal eyewear. As a wearer myself I know this very well. Therefore, I chose to focus my FDP on this area. I wanted to create a solution that personalises the whole eye-wear experience for the individual user.

ModifEye is a modular glasses system with technological components that will aid and adapt to a person’s unique lifestyle. It offers an array of various attachments that can meet an individual’s needs. It brings something that no glasses on the market currently have, and that is adaptability. ModifEye frames are glasses that can constantly change and adapt to many scenarios that a user might face.