Meet Gráinne

Ever since I was young, I have always enjoyed problem solving and puzzles, and I viewed a design career as means to try to solve the bigger ‘puzzles’ of the world. My interest in social and political issues directs a lot of my work, and I gravitate towards projects that have a strong social impact and can create or influence positive change. 

While I enjoy all aspects of design, I particularly enjoy UX/UI design and design research. To me, the design process is all about the people, and ensuring that every aspect of the user experience is thought through.

Outside of UX/UI I enjoy design visualisation and Solidworks modelling, as I find that being able to see your design come to life is one of the most rewarding parts of design. 

I am looking forward to where my career brings me next. Thank you for checking out my project!

If you would like to get in touch with Gráinne you can view her LinkedIn profile or email her.


Aurras is an immersive sound experience, designed to replicate the tranquillity of nature right in your own home. By employing the therapeutic benefits of nature, Aurras helps users to escape the intensity of urban life and come out with a relaxed, renewed mindset. 

Aurras translates biofeedback from electrode sensors into pitch points to produce relaxing, ambient music. The app allows you to modify the audio output to find a sound that’s perfect for you. 

The Aurras moisture monitor helps you care for your plants, ensuring they always have the nutrients they need. The Explore app feature fosters curiosity, encouraging you to discover the sounds of plants on a global scale. 

By fusing the benefits of the technological and natural worlds, Aurras helps to renew your headspace, and tune you back into nature and your mind.