Meet Georgia

Hi, my name is Georgia O Brien. I’m from Kenmare Co Kerry. My design career first started while on work experience in an architect’s firm in 2017. I loved studying Product Design at the University of Limerick. I have had the opportunity to explore and experience many different paths in design such as, UX/UI, design for manufacture, industrial design, and design for sustainability. The areas that I am passionate about are Industrial design and UX/UI. I love designing a product around a person and making sure it fits all their needs.

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My product is NEMO, the ultimate rower’s pacing aid. At a glance, NEMO shows your pace, speed, distance travelled, and stroke-rate, keeping you in your targeted training zone for the session. NEMO also provides you with real-time coach interaction.

The device is set-up while on land using an accompanying NEMO app. The app allows coaches, athletes, and physios to come together to track and manage an athlete’s progress.

NEMO is voice controlled while in the boat and allows for pre-recorded personalised voice notes to play out while on the water, enabling the athlete to train to their optimum level.