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Dave Mullen - Safe & Snug

Meet Dave

After years of various job titles, from manufacturing to chef, I decided to head into a UL Open Day. While going through all the stalls in the Engineering section, I came across Product Design & Technology, which ticked all the boxes for what I was interested in and looking to do. I always had a huge interest in how things work, and no matter which job I’ve been in I was always the ‘go-to guy’ if anything ever needed fixing. Being a mature student, I was a bit worried about being out of education for so long and zero sketching or SolidWorks skills, but the way the course and workshops are laid out, I picked up some industry-level skills in a wide variety of disciplines in no time.

If you would like to get in touch with Dave you can view his LinkedIn profile or email him.

Safe & Snug

My project aimed to look at veterinary procedures and the equipment used to see if there were any areas that could be improved and addressed through innovative product design. After in-depth research with experts in the profession, I decided to focus on making the visit to the vet comfortable for pets by redesigning the heat pad, coupling it with a vacuumed positioner, to maintain the desired position of the animal during surgery. The heat pad also doubles up as a stretcher, is comfortably enough to be used as a pre-op and post-op recovery bed and, due to its gel solution, prevents fluctuations in temperature. The Safe & Snug set make the animal’s visit to the vet more pleasant.