Meet Clódagh

Growing up at home in Limerick, I spent a lot of my childhood out in my shed with my father. He was always out there making or fixing something, and this is where my interest in design came from. and since my childhood I have had a keen interest in design. I have always had an interest in problem solving, building, and innovating. When looking for a university course, Product Design & Technology ticked all those boxes for me.

Throughout my time at the University of Limerick, I have learned to apply a wide variety of skills such as research methods, sketching, CAD modelling, prototyping and model-making, rendering and use of the Adobe Suite, all of which I hope to continue applying in the future.

If you would like to get in touch with Clódagh you can view her LinkedIn profile or email her.


RingLock is a ring buoy housing system designed to help reduce the opportunity of theft of ring buoys. The housing features a unique locking mechanism in which will provide security to the ring buoy and rope until it is needed in the event of an emergency.

The rope has also been rehomed to be housed within a throw bag. This combats tangling of the rope when deploying the ring buoy and reduces the opportunity for the rope to be tampered with.

The status of the ring buoy can be monitored through a Dragino LDS01 LoRaWAN door sensor that is fitted in the RingLock housing. Data is then transmitted through The Things Network by a LoRaWAN gateway and Node-Red is then used to make this data readable.

Node-Red can display the location of each ring buoy and the battery life of each sensor in the built-in dashboard.