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Brian Finn - BEO

Meet Brian

Having spent my life being raised and working on a farm in Cappataggle Co. Galway, I have been shaped into an innovative, hard-working individual who has a deep appreciation for nature, design and the world around me. Agricultural design, sustainable design an and designing for the future and the environment are the main areas that interest me. I want to use my skills to help others, and for the greater good. I thoroughly enjoy creating new products and working in a team, where we can bounce ideas off each other, and use our skills together to create a quality piece of design. Working with people, either clients or a team, collaborating and seeing things in a new perspective helps me to grow as a designer and as a person.

If you would like to get in touch with Brian you can email him. 


BEO is the first torque amplifying Calving Jack in existence, in addition to that, the adjustable width and depth of the calving jack head is specifically designed for individual cow fit.

With the innovative use of a 4:1 ratio torque multiplying gear-train mechanism, BEO achieves a max output of 800Nm pulling force comparable to the power of three to four people.

The jack assists operators of all physical capabilities to deliver any size of calf with no additional human assistance required, unlike traditional calving aids.