Meet Patrick

As an only child growing up in Navan, Co.Meath, I have learned to be creative and independent. This has shaped my philosophy as a designer. I enjoy working in a team-based setting but am capable of using my own initiative when necessary. I have been taught from an early age to be hard-working, and know that if I put my mind to something, anything is achievable.

As a designer, I am open-minded and like to see things from other people's perspectives. I am motivated by challenging tasks and will always try to develop my skills, occasionally picking up new ones along the way. The main skills in which I have developed include research, sketching, CAD Modelling and Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign). I use these skills to my advantage and they have helped me become the designer I am today.

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Intox is an alcohol detection safety system which prohibits a driver from operating a vehicle if they are over the legal BAC limit (0.05% in Ireland). The driver will blow into the device, and if they pass the breath test, the vehicle key will move into an accessible position for a short period of time to allow them to insert the key into the ignition. If the test is failed, the screen will give an estimated time in which the test will be passed. In conjunction with the safety system, Intox features an accompanying app which allows drivers to monitor their alcohol intake and to educate themselves on the dangers of drink driving.