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Oisin Dolan - Sentr

My name is Oisin Dolan. I’m an aspiring Industrial designer from Galway City. I’m fascinated by form, interaction and the details of products. I’m influenced by the environment that surrounds me and often times it is reflected in my work. I try to find inspiration in the mundane and reimagine it. I strive for clean well-built design with processes driven through hands-on work and exploration.

To get in touch with Oisin you can email him.


Sentr is a stress relief and time management kit for young adults, to aid attention and focus for study and work.

The suite consists of three products;

Lull: A breathing device one exhales through to aid a meditative calm experience. A push-pull slider is used to customise the resistance of the device.

Spur: An aromatherapy device that promotes a positive learning environment through process and scent. The rollerball head carries the aroma, which can be applied to the wrists, around the hairline or taken from the product itself.

Illume: A Pomodoro timer that uses intervals of light and time to aid with focus and time management. The user selects their chosen time interval. Blue light is shown while the user works, with warm light indicating the break interval. The form of the product is flippable to initiate the next time interval.