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Hi, my name is Luke O'Driscoll and I'm from Cork City. My interests are soccer, design and acting. I am an Industrial Designer with a passion for problem-solving, advancements in technology, design for health & well-being and an enthusiasm to constantly grow my skill set.

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REF-VIEW is an instant referee incident review device in soccer (football). It is an improvement on the current method of the video assistant referee (VAR) due to it being faster, more efficient and less controversial. It also puts more power back into the referee's hands and has more coverage on incidents that happen throughout the game.

My final product, which focuses on a Product Service System, comprises a product (REF-VIEW), service app (REF-VIEW Interface) and a system with the referee mic'd up and working with the virtual assistant referee.

REF-VIEW Product: Is a comfortable, secure, wrist-worn wearable, electronic digital communication tool for referees in soccer to review incidents on the field more effectively and accurately.

REF-VIEW Interface: Is a modern and intuitive user-approved interface that enables the referee to not only review incidents but to also add notes on players and then cast to a stadium screen.

REF-VIEW System: The components are brought together with a comprehensive system that connects the wearable referee's device to the broadcaster's system allowing the referee to talk through decisions via the mic and also work in conjunction with the VAR team.