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Luke McDermott - Melo

Meet Luke

I have always had an interest in the intricacies of products, from the assembly, aesthetic, and function. Taking things apart and (sometimes) putting them back together educated me greatly on the detail required to create an appealing, desirable product. As I grew older, I began examining the works of legends such as Ive, Rams, Starck and many more. I wanted to understand the human connection to a product and the importance of the story behind each bolt, the significance of each edge, and the impact of the shadows it casts.

The past years studying in UL have been a rewarding and at times humbling experience. It has taught me to recognise mistakes in my work and to build on them and learn from experience. Skills learnt during my time in college have given me the base to evolve as a designer and continue to learn the craft of Design.

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Melo is a device designed to improve the sleep experience of individuals suffering from sleep disorders such as Shift Work Sleep Disorder. Melo takes advantage of the user's senses of sight, smell and sound and the role of these senses in the production of chemicals such as melatonin and cortisol, the main controls of the Circadian Rhythm.

The unit is made up of three tiers emitting the stimulus that affect the senses, Aroma Diffuser, LED light and Speaker. These stimuli are responsible for creating an appropriate environment for sleep. This simulation of perfect night time conditions encourage the body to produce melatonin, the sleep hormone. At the other end of the sleep cycle, a series of subtle changes in the light spectrum and intensity can naturally wake a person at the desired time.

This is all controlled through a companion application, storing records of sleep quality and individual preferences for the user in one easy system.