Meet Laura

Growing up as a kid, art class was always my favourite. However, it wasn’t until I became part of the Product Design + Technology class at The University of Limerick that I found where my true creative interests lie. Learning about design has opened my eyes to the detail and nuance of the world around us. My ambitions as a designer are to create progressive and immersive experiences between people and the systems and products we interact with on a daily basis. I’m really interested in the social, cultural and environmental impact that design can deliver and how we can be facilitators of this kind of change.

Studying at UL has enabled me to learn so much and I am very grateful for all I was taught yet I feel as though this is just the beginning of my journey and I’m excited to see where design will take me in the future.

To get in touch with Laura you can email her.


Deia is a suite of menstruation management products that enable women to have more control over their bodies in a safe and environmentally conscious manner. The Deia menstrual cup and clean & carry case work in tandem with one another to deliver a high-quality functional performance. Now a woman can manage her period better by making up for insufficient public bathroom facilities and removing some of the psychological barriers that come with using menstrual cups.  

The cup and case are designed with sustainability to the fore; they are made from highly durable and impact resistant materials to ensure an extended product lifespan. The analogue cleaning case has no complex electronic components, which ensures the parts are easy to repair and replace. The physical interaction, required to use the cup and case and realised through tactile and playful touchpoints, leads to a highly enchanting and engaging experience.