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Karen Kelly - Medscan

Meet Karen

My name is Karen Kelly. I am an enthusiastic product designer from Donegal. I have accumulated a wide range of design skills and experiences through the opportunities UL has given me. My main design interests lie in User Experience (UX) and Industrial Design.

As a designer, it is important for me to always focus on User-Centered Design. I used this technique throughout my final year project. Working alongside the front-line workers provided the opportunity to see first-hand the problems they experience every day. From this, I was able to develop and deliver a product that was desirable, workable, and feasible for the user.

User-Centred design involves testing, failing and trying once more. My method combines analysis, interviews, and tools like usability testing. This method helps develop an understanding of the user’s problems and desires. My design approach relies heavily on feedback from the users through the entire design process.

“How many designers does it take to change a light bulb?"

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Medscan is a portable recording system for paramedics that records and transports data in real-time to use during a call and when restocking the medical bag. Medscan delivers the benefits of medicine flow efficiency reporting, through automated, real-time data analytics.

The scanning device is placed in the interior of a medical bag, each medication administrated to a patient during a call-out is recorded automatically using the Medscan device. All data is analysed automatically and reports are generated for the paramedics’ records. Medscan records a live stock of medicine in the medical bag so paramedics can see which items are low in stock and need to be replaced. When restocking, paramedics can retrieve the real-time updates on the Medscan software, showing what medicine was removed and who was responsible for that bag. The Medscan device is charged during each re-stock so it is ready for the next emergency call.