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Jonathon Wade - Farmcall

Meet Jonathon

My name is Jonathon Wade and I grew up in a small village in Tipperary called Golden. My whole life I have had a very keen interest in designing and making products as from a young age I have been making small projects out in my dads shed with whatever I could get my hands on. During school, I excelled in Construction, Engineering, DCG and maths. For years I have worked with my father as a carpenter designing and making custom made kitchens. I love problem-solving and have a keen interest in engineering. The main area of design which I am interested in medical devices as I believe that it brings great satisfaction that I can benefit the lives of others while doing what I love.

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Farmcall is an emergency rescue system for farmers who are working alone for very long hours every day. It uses both a wristwatch emergency device which the farmer wears and also an application which the farmer downloads on their phone. The wristwatch, which the farmer wear,s works just like a regular watch but also has an emergency button which the farmer can press when in need. The smart-watch can also detect when the farmer is unconscious using a heart-rate sensor and pedometer. When an emergency is detected or help is requested, an alert is sent to the farmers' "emergency group" which is pre-selected on the Farmcall app, letting the contact know that s/he is in need of assistance and provides their exact location. The aim of this system is to lower the number of farmyard accidents and deaths in an extremely dangerous profession.