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Jonathon Rothwell - Coach

Meet Jonathon

My name is Jonathon Rothwell, I'm a Product Designer from Wexford though I was been tempted out of the sunny south-east to study at the University of Limerick. I love working with people or anything tech-related and I try to make use of my analytical skills wherever I can. I'm not afraid to ask questions in the search for a better solution and have always been keen to learn from others.

For as long as I can remember I've loved being involved with a team and to push my knowledge leading me to spend countless hours pottering with anything from circuitry and code to woodworking or 3D printing.

As a designer, I find myself on the side of function over form when it comes to the eternal battle of what is design.

To get in touch with Jonathon you can email him


Coach is a suite of products that work together to help anyone host fun and challenging sports training sessions. Whether you are a parent volunteering for the first time or a trained coach with experience, Coach will help you plan and implement fun and dynamic drills tailored to your player's needs.

The Coach app guides you through the whole process, from finding and planning drills to setting up and running the session, all while giving you tips and guides to help you and your players grow. Coach Smart Cones help make your sessions more dynamic and challenging by altering the drill as it runs. Players no longer follow a given path; they now have to keep their head up, watch for the gap and react as the cones change. Preparing your players at every step to perform when under match pressure.