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Jessica Quinn - NebuPod

Meet Jessica

Hi, my name is Jessica Quinn and I am a product designer from a small town in Co. Laois called Abbeyleix. Growing up I always had a love for design and being creative. This love grew during secondary school as I studied art and DCG. For me, Product design was the combination of both these subjects, merging problem-solving and design skills. Throughout my studies, I developed and applied these skills to create innovative solutions to problems. Over the past four years, my passion for helping others has grown as I learned how to truly understand the needs of people and the problems which they experience. With the research, idea generation, and concept development strategies alongside the skills including sketching, prototyping, the Adobe suite, and CAD that I was taught I hope to adapt and apply myself to any project with which I am involved in the future.

To get in touch with Jessica you can email her.


NebuPod is a sterilisation device designed for people living with Cystic Fibrosis who require a nebuliser. The user-friendly design reduces the time and effort required to properly clean and sterilise the nebuliser and its accessories after each use. This reduces the risks of bacteria build-up and contamination which may lead to a chest infection. The combination of Ultrasonic cleaning and steam sterilisations allows effective and discreet nebuliser sterilisation for all lifestyles. The aesthetic of the NebuPod is simple and modern to create a non-medical appearance that can be proudly placed in the user's home. It is compact and portable guaranteeing a safe nebuliser experience wherever they may be, with a push of a button.