Ella McLoughlin

Meet Ella

Hi, my name is Ella McLoughlin, and I'm a designer from Loughrea, Co. Galway. I first discovered the world of design at the age of eleven, creating cartoon illustrations on Microsoft Paint. Eleven years later, my design philosophy has expanded, viewing design as a problem-solving tool, and a way to improve experiences between users and the products they use. My passion is UX design, and I love creating simple, impactful experiences, as well as being passionate about qualitative research. My four years at UL studying product design allowed me to explore the different avenues design can take. I love creating things with my hands whether that entails making a physical model or drawing wireframes on a whiteboard. I am looking forward to pursuing a design career and will be starting my position as a member of the UX design team at Workday in September.

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Tixel is a physical computer interface for people who are blind or visually impaired. The objective of Tixel is to enable people to feel and hear an interface rather than just listening to it. This is achieved by converting a graphical 2-D interface into a 3-D tactile format. People who are blind or visually impaired will typically use a software application to comprehend the content of a screen. This is most commonly done through a speech output and is a linear, text-based experience. Tixel however, uses the sense of touch to provide users with a layout and an overview which in turn creates a holistic, simpler, more accessible experience. Users can simply touch the pins to hear the content or double-tap to interact with it. Tixel aims to accelerate the target user's ability to adapt to using a computer.