Meet Declan

I grew up in a small village in Tipperary called Clonoluty. All through my educational journey, I have been creatively minded. I excelled in subjects such as construction, engineering, and DCG. This creative side has developed from a childhood where we used what was already at our disposal to fix, build, and create whatever was needed. My design philosophy would be a simple but effective one 'when designing something design it to work'. The main area of design which interests me is medical devices, as it is both challenging and rewarding and allows you to change other people's lives for the better.

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Unwind is a device that uses haptic technologies to alleviate symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis such as tremors, muscle spasms and stress. The suite consists of 'The Pill' which is the main user interaction component and 'The Dock' which is a dual function component acting as both a wireless charger and a holder. The Pill uses rhythmic vibrations to interrupt and distract the brain from the physical sensations of tremors caused by an error in the body’s sensorimotor feedback loop. Unwind also uses haptic feedback to guide the user through a series of paced breathing steps which allow the user to relax and regain composure when they become stressed. Finally, it is designed to reduce the impact of muscle spasming and stiffness through the use of haptic technology that relaxes muscle tightness, improving blood flow as well a muscular functionality.