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Daniel Dalton - Corsaor

Meet Daniel

Hi, my name is Daniel D'Alton and I'm a product designer from the real Irish capital, Cork. I studied product design at UL because, for as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with art, design and engineering. I love to find out why things look they do, work the way they do, and figure out how they can be improved upon. This passion for design is largely influenced by my family and my fascination with cars. If I'm not behind the wheel or under the engine, I'm studying the industry trends and future technologies or designing and 3D printing my own parts. One of my favourite quotes by Raymond Loewy and a design philosophy I try to apply is "Beauty through function and simplification".

To get in touch with Daniel you can email him. 


Corsaor is universal cargo assist attachment for bicycles that provides businesses with a low impact goods transport system for urban environments. Fitting Corsaor to any city bicycle, gives the user the ability to transport up to 80 litres of storage and up to 30kg of goods across two separate storage containers. This is achieved by providing cyclists with two electrically-powered retractable wheels that are engaged when the cyclist begins to pedal and 2 containers to store goods. When the Corsaor is not being used for goods transport, the containers can be removed, and the wheels retracted to allow the cyclist to use the bicycle as normal. The name Corsaor (pronounced Corsair) is a play on the Irish word Carr meaning car and Saor meaning free as this product will hopefully break cities free from traditional unsustainable transportation systems.