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Colm Flynn - Fallsafe

Colm Flynn

Meet Colm

Growing up in Co.Tipperary, I can always remember having a fascination with how things worked. I would take things apart and put them back together. I also enjoy doing my own DIY home projects including woodworking, making models, etc. My curiosity in the inner workings of different products is what first sparked my interest in subjects such as engineering and woodwork in secondary school which then developed into me choosing product design as my course university. Over these last four years I have learned and developed many new skills as a designer, from sketching and model-making to Adobe Creative Suite and CAD, etc. This has also helped me to experience designing across a wide range of product categories. For me, the area that interests me the most involves the designing and developing products to help improve people’s lives.

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Fallsafe product


The Fallsafe airbag belt is designed to be used by older adults who are at risk of falling. When a falling user is detected the belt system will automatically inflate two lateral bags to protect the user's hips and sides from possible injury. The belt is designed to be easy to use by the elderly users by having it turn on automatically when the buckle is closed and notify the user with a beep. The belt is also designed to be reusable after each use by replacing the air cartridge to reset the belt. With a simple interface, a customisable finish and a design that focuses on comfort, the older adult is reassured and protected at all times while wearing Fallsafe.