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Design@UL 2020

We are delighted to present a selection of the work of the Product Design & Technology and Architecture students at the University of Limerick. This work has been completed under unusual circumstances towards the end of this academic year and is a testament to the resilience and creativity of our students. We would like to acknowledge the hard work, passion and dedication of the staff across the School of Design in supporting the students throughout their education and in particular through the last few months of the pandemic. The graduating students are leaving UL with a honed set of extra skills in virtual communication and presentation of project work, these are skills that we hope will enhance their careers and vocations as Designers, Architects and Creative professionals.

The work of the SAUL and PDT students reflects the very best of what an education in Design or Architecture can bring to real-world opportunities and challenges. The work demonstrates considered and applied approaches to problem-solving, critical thinking and the investigation of very real topics and fields of inquiry. It tackles the big questions of our age with respect to Climate, Biodiversity, Health & Wellbeing of Citizens and Users and of Local and Global societal and human needs. 

We hope that you enjoy the work as we celebrate the 2020 graduating classes from SAUL and Product Design & Technology.

Product Design & Technology Showcase