Digital Media Design Portfolios

Matthew Cunnane - Breathe - Using Virtual Reality to teach the basics of Mindful Meditation
Marie-Clare Boothman - Drawing Comparisons - How visual artists interact with Augmented Reality, 3D printed and live physical models in observation drawing
Luca Schernbeck - SILVA - An app to tackle plastic waste issues and Proper waste disposal
Ethan Mowat - Cystic Fibrosis Communication App - An app to help families struggling with Cystic Fibrosis
Erin Smyth - Ecopal - An app to encourage the protection and conservation of endangered insects and other species
Carolyn O’Donoghue - Cabhrú - An App to help improve information recall for Novice first aid responders in an emergency
Aisling Noone  - Sulis Mobile App - A native application prototype for the student learning system Sulis
Ryan O' Flynn - uTrition - An Interactive Website To allow users to reflect on dietary choices
Paula Cusack - Turn The Page - An app to encourage students recycle their used books with others
Patryk Lewandowski - Affectiv - An app to promote self reflection through interactive ambient technology
Niamh McInerney - Mylinic - An app to help monitor and track conditions of multiple sclerosis
Kate Torpey - Sí - A website where women can connect with one another through experiences and bring awareness to the issues they face
Emma Jarvis - HostStay - A website to help students find accomodation for Erasmus
David Williams - Whatyoumaycalitron - A design exploration of human gesture and artistic expression for tangible interaction
Conor Casey - Advocare - A collaborative economy app for informal caregivers to help and tackle issues that they can have
Tadhg Abraham - Guide Dog - An app to help those who are visually impaired travel to and navigate unfamiliar places
Cian O’ Donnell - Comhar - An app for students to help improve and put limitations on spending
Bryan McCarthy - Virtual Reality Glove - A glove to give virtual reality users a true to life experience with touch
Aaron Griffin - Collab Rooms - An economy application to help re-imagine how musicians can collaborate together on their works
Sean Aherne - Cara - An artificial intelligence chatbot to track, manage and support a users mental health