In line with international best practice and national statutory requirements, the University of Limerick undertakes periodic quality reviews of its educational, research and related services.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering is currently preparing for a Quality Review, which will take place in January 2023.

Coordinated by the Quality Support Unit, the internal quality review process represents institutional quality assurance and enhancement mechanisms.

Our Faculty Quality Review is a process which facilitates us to:

  • Reflect upon, analyse and document our activities and ‘fitness for purpose’ as a Faculty;
  • For a group of external, peers and stakeholders to consider these issues and discuss them with us;
  • For those peers to formulate a report which will include recommendations for improvement and;
  • For us to consider the outputs and implement recommendations as appropriate, in order to further improve the way we do things.    

Details of review schedules, review processes and resulting quality review reports are all available on the QSU website (here).

Faculty of Science & Engineering Quality Review Guidelines

Should you have any queries on any aspect of the Faculty Quality Review, please contact Ellen Keegan, Accreditation, Quality & Risk Oversight Officer: