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Exploring the Use of Abstract Art as Real-Time Graphical Notation for Piano Performance

This FYP provides a detailed insight to a series of piano performances using real-time notation and graphical notation. The FYP discusses different works of abstract art, graphical notation and real-time notation, which are all large contributors and influences to the resulting performances and aesthetic of the FYP. The project aims to create a real-time graphical notation system for piano performance which is influenced by abstract artists and existing graphical notations.

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An exploration of the growth and development in Open Access (OA) publications

 Open Access (OA) publishing grew in popularity along with the global improvement of the internet in the late ’90s and early ’00s. One of the main reasons for this was publishing costs for printed papers had risen which meant subscription costs were unattainable.  In this research, the background to OA was explored and the benefits and limitations of OA to its users were assessed. The research found the benefits far outweighed the limitations, with findings suggesting that OA plays a vital role in the sharing of global academic developments.

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Logo Design

Abstract: The main motivation when beginning this project was to expand my knowledge and portfolio in graphic design. When researching what type of graphic design sparked my interest, the most common designs were logos and quite often the simplicity of logos. I began to research design theory, focusing on the Gestalt Theories of Perception in logo design. The goal for this project was to research graphic design, logo design and Gestalt Theories of Perception and apply the knowledge acquired during the research to the development of my own design style.

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Sampling the Ambience

 The aim of this final year project was to sample the ambience of nature, environment, and industrial themes through the practice of field recording using them to create sound design products. The research presents a brief history of field recording from the early ethnographic period to the digital era today. The study provides a background into the origins and concepts of soundscape studies, key issues and technical processes employed by artists involved with field recording before detailing existing sample based sound design products.

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"Women's Work" in Colour Film Processing

To gain a deeper understanding of the gendered division of labour and sexism experienced by women, this paper looks at the role of women in the history of coloured film. This is done to inform the hand coloured film that accompanies this paper.   

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Narrative Complexity and Audience Perception in Nonlinear Filmmaking

This study focuses on nonlinear filmmaking techniques, where the narrative is portrayed not sequentially, representing the events in a different order than the characters’ pro-filmic experience of the events. More specifically, different classes of application of narrative structures are analysed and evaluated in their artistic and historical contexts, discussing the evolution of the filmic language regarding nonlinearity.

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Negotiating Colour Grading within a high-definition film context:

In this academic research paper, I undertake an analytic investigation of ‘colour correction and grading’. This specialised video post-production process is used to enhance the visual fidelity of digital video or analogue film and implement creative colour or exposure manipulation into the composition of a shot after it has been recorded.

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In What Ways is...

Playing with the fragility of memory has been established as a theme in collage art for artists, in this film this theme is explored using montage film as a form of artistic expression. Fragments of old VHS Home Movies have been sourced and rearranged in order to construct a new narrative, utilizing techniques that highlight the fragility of human memory. 

Keywords: Montage, Collage, Film, Memory 
Bio: My name is Amy Higgins and am a practicing graphic designer, video editor, and collage artist. 

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