A young man looks into a drill in an engineering laboratory
4th year BE in Mechanical Engineering student Dara Barry Walsh is pictured working in one of the engineering labs at the University of Limerick.
Tuesday, September 6, 2022

UL Student:  Dara Barry Walsh

Course: BE in Mechanical Engineering

Supervisor: Dr. Ronan Grimes

Project Title: To investigate the development of a test rig to analyse zeotropic refrigerant mixture performance


'Thanks to the University of Limerick Science & Engineering Summer Bursary Research Programme, I was given the opportunity to work with Dr. Ronan Grimes to develop concepts for zeotropic refrigerant mixture performance analysis.

Throughout the scholarship, I gained valuable research experience and skills, as well as a familiarity with leading-edge studies in the fields of heat pumps and refrigeration.

My experience with the scholarship programme allowed me to expand and build on theoretical knowledge acquired through my mechanical engineering programme’s thermodynamics and heat transfer modules. It also exposed me to a field where there are increasing levels of interest, as continuously more focus is being placed on improving the environmental impact of industrial processes and encouraging sustainable energy practices.

As I enter my 4th and final year in a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, I can’t wait to see what is next in my journey in research. My thanks to the Science & Engineering Summer Bursary Research Programme and Dr. Ronan Grimes for the valuable learning experience I was afforded this summer.'