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Science Week 2021 Friday 12th November

Fri, 12 Nov 2021

Date: Friday, November 12, 2021
Time: to
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Interactive Hands-on Chemistry Show - Dr Sarah Hayes, SSPC and UL

Two shows: 10am Primary  & 12 noon Secondary 

Interactive Hands-on Chemistry Show by Dr Sarah Hayes

Flames, Flashes and Frozen flowers is an EXPLOSIVE show using the most exciting science demonstrations to show the WOW in Science


Secrets of Superhero Science -Dr Barry Fitzgerald, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Target Audience - Primary level

Time 11am

Superheroes are known for their incredible superpowers. Supergirl can effortlessly lift cars, trains and aeroplanes; Tony Stark flies around New York City in his Iron Man suit; Spider-Man climbs walls; and Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four has the incredible power of invisibility. But how likely are we to replicate these superpowers? And besides defeating supervillains, where could we use these superpowers in modern society.

In the Secrets of Superhero Science, you will explore the science behind the superpowers of some of iconic superheroes. You’ll learn about genetic engineering and its connection with the X-Men, the amazing engineering and science behind building an Iron Man suit, the real-life scientists trying to make artificial spider sil10amk, and technologies that really allow you to become invisible.

Most importantly, you’ll find out these technologies could be applied in your future world to fight diseases, to help in the fight against climate change, and to create new and more sustainable sources of energy. And you’ll learn how we might manage superpowers in the future, and how we can develop these technologies in a safe way.

Are you ready to unlock the Secrets of Superhero Science?


The SOPHia Project: Science Outreach to Promote Physics (Secondary) -Dr Grainne Walsh, UL

This workshop is aimed at Junior Cycle and Transition Year Students

Time: 10am

Our SOPHia workshop is all about the exciting world of physics! There will be science experiments, some information about what physics is about, stories about famous physicists, career options in physics, and some things for you to try out at home or in the classroom. Our physics students here in the University of Limerick will explain their story of how they came to study physics too. The workshop is aimed to get more young people considering physics as a subject for their Leaving Cert, and have some fun along the away too!


Please note that this festival of events is a hybrid model of both online and physical events. All physical events will run in line with government public health advice.