Academic Staff

Name Position Email
Dr Joanna Allardyce Lecturer in Anatomy
Dr. Pauline Boland Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Dr Róisín Cahalan Lecturer in Physiotherapy, Course Director MSc Physiotherapy
Dr Amanda Clifford Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Dr Laura Comber Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Dr Susan Coote Associate Professor Physiotherapy
Professor Sue  Franklin Professor of Speech & Language Therapy
Dr Rose Galvin Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Dr Rosie Gowran Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Dr James Green Lecturer Health Psychology
Dr Anne Griffin Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics
Dr  Sara Hayes Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Professor Noreen (Norelee) Kennedy Head of School/Associate Prof Physiotherapy
Dr Louise Larkin Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Dr Dominika Lisiecka Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy
Dr Karen McCreesh Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy, Course Director BSc Physiotherapy
Dr Arlene McCurtin Lecturer in Speech & Language Therapy, CT Postgraduate Coordinator
Dr  Niall McGrane Lecturer in Anatomy
Dr Carol-Anne Murphy Lecturer in Speech & Language Therapy
 Scott Murphy Teaching Assistant in Anatomy
Dr Catherine  Norton Lecturer in Dietetics
 Michelle O'Donoghue Lecturer in Speech & Language Therapy
 Cliona O'Riordan Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Dr  Kieran  O'Sullivan Lecturer in Physiotherapy - ON LEAVE
Dr Judith Pettigrew Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Dr  Katie  Robinson Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Dr Nancy Salmon Lecturer in Occupational Therapy, Course Director MSc Occupational Therapy
Dr. Audrey Tierney Senior Lecturer in Dietetics, Course Director MSc Human Nutrition & Dietetics
Dr. Aileen Wright Lecturer in Speech & Language Therapy, Course Director Speech & Language Therapy