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SFI National Research Programme - Centre for Research Training 2018

SFI are currently developing a new programme to support the training and development of Masters/Doctoral candidates within their remit of science, technology, engineering and mathematics -  entitled Centre for Research Training (CRT). 

As this programme is currently under development within SFI, we only have brief and provisional information on what the call might look like, which includes:
-    SFI will fund in the region of 10 CRTs nationally. A combined total of 100 students will be  enrolled across the 10 CRTs in year 1 with additional intakes for the following 4 years.
-    The CRTs will be within thematic/priority areas, which are yet to be defined by SFI. While it is expected the SFI Research Centres to play a key part in this programme, the programme will be open to groups of critical mass outside of the SFI Centres or underpinning multiple Centres
-    As this addresses a national skills deficit within any discipline, SFI view this as a programme for the benefit of both the academic and industry sector. We can therefore expect a requirement for industry involvement, possibly including cost-share from industry
-    This programme is likely to be modelled on the UK Centre of Doctoral Training programme.  
-    A stakeholder consultation is due to launch shortly, with the programme likely to launch in Q2, 2018. 

It is possible that there will be a limit to the number of applications that can be submitted from any institution. 

In order to prepare, and inform researchers on this programme, we would ask that all PIs/groups/teams interested in progressing an application to this programme email with the following information by Wednesday, the 14th of March.
-    Proposed focus/theme of the centre - Describe the overarching research focus/objectives?
-    Describe the applicant team - Who is the lead institution*? Who are the likely academic partners (internal/external)?
-    Who are the likely industry partners?

*We would encourage researchers to engage with institutions/researchers outside of UL to discuss partnering opportunities. If known, please provide information on any applications where UL may be a partner.