Researcher Portal
Funding Process

This section provides an overview of the main steps in obtaining external funding for research projects

Find Funding

National and international funding agencies issue open calls for proposals with a view to providing grant awards for research. The Find Funding section provides information on the latest calls for proposals from funding agencies.

Develop Proposal

The Proposal Development section provides detailed information on research proposal preparation, including guidelines, templates, budgeting information, etc.

To assist researchers with proposal development, supports are available from Research Support Services (RSS) for proposal content, Research Accounts for budgetary matters, and from the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) for IP, commercialisation and contractual matters.

Authorisation & Submission

Each research proposal submitted externally requires a research proposal authorisation to be completed prior to submission. The Authorisation & Submission section provides information on how to complete the research proposal authorisation.

Proposals are submitted according to funding body procedures. Submission mechanisms may include email, electronic online forms, physical paper submissions, etc. It is the responsibility of the applicant(s) to ensure the submission to the body is successful. Further information on submitting a proposal to a funding body can be found in the Authorisation & Submission section.

Award Acceptance

The Vice President of Research is the institutional signatory for UL on all research agreements/contracts. When a funding award is received, the funding body will generally require the University to enter into an agreement or contract with the funder. Once the fully executed agreement is in place, a Research Cost Centre can be opened, to which research expenditure can be charged, in accordance with allocated grant budget.

Information on what to do upon receiving an award notification and on how to open a Research Cost Centre is provided in the Award Acceptance section.