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This section provides guidance on finding the latest calls for proposals from funding agencies

Resources to help find funding opportunities
  • Listing of Funding Opportunities, which provides a list of currently open funding calls
  • Calendar of Funding Opportunities, which provides a calendar view of currently open funding calls
  • Online funding search tool, Research Professional, which provides a searchable database of global funding opportunities across all disciplines
  • Websites of individual funding agencies
  • Subscribe to funding alerts from individual funding agencies
  • Discussions with support staff, colleagues, external partners, etc

When searching for funding, have the research concept/idea in mind – the core idea needs to fit with the funding body remit and mission/strategy. Decide on the nature of the activity you want to fund, as different schemes may be applicable, e.g. fellowships, projects, travel, basic, applied, industry-led, commercialisation, individual, collaborative, short-duration, PhD-based, etc.

In addition to funding agencies, other sources of research funding include industry, charitable organisations, philanthropic sources, government organisations (e.g. HSE) and numerous others. In some cases, funding from these other sources may not be administered through open calls, and accessing these can require researchers to make direct links with the organisations in question.

The types of research grants vary considerably across the various agencies. Grants can be individual or collaborative, single-institution or multi-institution. Common grant types are:

  • Projects: These provide funding for the costs related to carrying out a research project. Such grants may include costs for research staff & students, travel, materials and consumables, equipment, etc.
  • Scholarships: These are awarded to postgraduate students (e.g. PhD students), and may include institutional fees and student stipends, and in some cases, additional project costs.
  • Fellowships: These are awarded to research staff (e.g. postdoctoral researchers) and may provide costs relating to the salaries of the awardees, and in some cases, additional project costs.
  • Infrastructure: These provide funding to the institution for research infrastructure, and may provide for costs of equipment, facilities, buildings, etc.
  • Travel/Mobility: Normally aimed at international travel, these provide funding for research visits, networking, placements, etc, and may provide for costs of journeys (e.g. air fare) and subsistence. These can vary from individual trips, to large-scale exchange programmes across multiple partners.