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Award Acceptance

This section provides information on what to do when you receive an award notification and on how to open a Research Cost Centre

If a funding proposal is successful, the funder normally issues a formal notification of the award. This may be in the form of a contract, a letter of offer, an award certificate, or some other form of instruction. In almost all cases, the University is required to enter into an agreement with the funder. The Vice President of Research is the authorised signatory on behalf of the University for all research projects.

The notification of an award is generally sent to the Lead Applicant on the award, but may occasionally be sent to another contact point or group. On receipt, such notification, along with any accompanying instructions, should be sent to Research Support Services (RSS) for processing. Email notifications can be sent to Physical copies can be sent to Research Office, F2-012, Foundation Building.

RSS will check that a completed & signed Research Proposal Authorisation Form is on record for this project. In some cases, there may be changes to a project following the submission of the original proposal. These may result from negotiations, budget changes, etc. If there have been any changes to the project from the submitted proposal, then the Applicant should inform RSS. Budget changes will require review by Research Accounts.

If UL is required to sign a contract for the award, then RSS will arrange for a review of the contract, through the Technology Transfer Office (TTO). TTO will revert to the Applicant in the case of any contractual issues arising. TTO will also request the necessary signatures, including where required, the Applicant, the Vice President Research, etc. The completed contract is then returned to the funding body.

In order to incur expenditure on a research project, a Cost Centre is required. Once the Cost Centre is opened, expenditure can be charged to that cost centre in accordance with the budget allocated by the funding award. Each cost centre has an associated cost centre manager, usually the recipient of the research funding award.

When the final executed contract or confirmation of award from the funding body is received (this is the copy that is counter-signed by the funding body), the applicant should complete a Research Project Setup Form to open a cost centre in Agresso and access the research project budget. This form should be signed by the Project Leader, the Head of Department, and the Vice President Research. The completed form is submitted to the Research Finance Office, accompanied by the award contract/confirmation including the award budget breakdown.

Once the cost centre is opened, the Project Leader will be advised of the cost centre number, and will be given access to the new cost centre and budget on Agresso. Research expenditure can then be charged to this cost centre, in accordance with the allocated budget. Only eligible expenditure relating to that project should be charged to the cost centre. Monthly cost centre statements are emailed to cost centre managers.