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Authorisation & Submission

This section provides information on the UL proposal authorisation process and on submitting proposals to funding bodies

All research funding proposals involving UL (whether in a lead or partner role) require a completed Research Proposal Authorisation Form (PAF).

A fillable PDF version of the PAF is available at Proposal Authorisation Form (PDF version). This version supports digital signatures.

Please ensure all sections of the form are completed. Key points to note include:

  • The person submitting a proposal most obtain approval from the appropriate Head of Department
  • The PAF should be signed by the Applicant and the Applicant’s Head of Department, for each Applicant/Co-Applicant named in the proposal
  • If the proposal budget is more than €25,000, or if it includes any personnel costs or industry funding, then the budget must be reviewed and approved by the Finance Office, who then also sign the Research Proposal Authorisation Form

The completed PAF and the proposal should be submitted (either electronic or physical copy) prior to submission to the funding agency to Research Support Services, Room F2-012, Foundation Building, or by email to

Please note that the PDF version of the form should be downloaded prior to filling it out. You can do this by right clicking on the link above and choosing 'Save As'. Once downloaded to your PC, you can then fill out the form and forward it for digital signature as necessary. You can download the free Adobe Reader software here: Adobe Reader download. If you have difficulty using the PDF version of the form, you can find a Microsoft Word version at the following link: Proposal Authorisation Form (Word version)

The procedures for proposal submission vary from funding body to funding body. Examples of submission mechanisms include email, electronic online forms, physical paper submissions, etc. It is important to follow precisely the body instructions in relation to submissions.

Note that it is the responsibility of the applicant(s) to ensure the submission to the body is successful. In particular, great care should be taken in relation to submission deadlines. These specify the date and time for receipt of submissions by the funding body. For most agencies, these deadlines are absolute, and they allow no room for deviation from these. Even a few seconds late will make the submission invalid.

In some cases, funding agencies require proposal submissions to be made by the Research Office. In these cases, the applicant(s) must ensure that finalised proposals are provided to the Research Office in ample time to make the submission, taking into account that they may processing multiple proposals, and also that submissions systems (e.g. online systems) can become slow/problematic immediately prior to a deadline.

As a rule of thumb, applicants should ensure the finalised proposal is received by the funding body at least 1 day in advance of the submission deadline.

Links to online submission systems for main funding bodies: