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This section provides information on disseminating your research, use of Researcher Profiles and Social Media to disseminate as wide as possible

The world of communications is constantly changing. Traditional channels of communication are quickly being overtaken by online media. However, there are a number of principles which remain constant:

Manage your online presence: The first step is to generate and maintain your researcher profile to disseminate the outputs of your research. It is important to take control of your overall online presence on an ongoing basis.

Step1: Set up your University of Limerick Research Information System (ULRIS) Profile. ULRIS user guide

Step2: Create an ORCID ID which will provide you with a permanent identifier throughout your research career and makes it easier for others to find your work. You can connect your ORCID account with websites including Web of Science, Figshare, and Impactstory, among many others.

Step3: Choose your social media channels. You have the options to create a profile on an academic social networking site and add the details of your publications. There are several different sites including Mendeley, ResearchGate, and the Social Science Research Network. Check out the current users of the different sites and speak to colleagues before deciding which academic social networking site may be most suitable for your field. There are various social media channels available: twitter, linkedin facebook, youtube, blog sites, slideshare and more coming on stream all the time. The rule of thumb is to choose the channel which is most suitable to your target audience.

Step 4: Decide who your target audience(s) are and what your key message(s) are.

Step 5: Develop a strategy which reaches your target audience and focus it on your agreed approach. There are many routes for dissemination and communication but they may not all be appropriate to reach your target audience

Content is king. Quality content suitable for your target audience is a key principle for effective communication.

Communicating your research in the media

UL's Marketing & Communications department can provide you with advice on disseminating your research story. They can assist you in presenting your research as a 'story' highlighting the key findings of your research in a way that will be accessible to a wider audience. Contact details for Marketing & Communications.

Guide to writing a research dissemination press release