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Research Integrity & Ethics

This section provides information on the Research Integrity at UL, including the UL Research Ethics process

UL is committed to ensuring that all research carried out under its auspices meets the highest standards of integrity, and that an environment of research integrity prevails through the promotion of good research practices, together with the use of fair, effective, and transparent procedures to address research misconduct.

UL's Research Integrity Policy applies to all employees of the University, as well as all Adjunct, Emeritus, and visiting personnel officially engaged in research work at the University and/or undertaking any research activity in the University’s name. This policy is aligned with the National Policy Statement on Ensuring Research Integrity In Ireland (2014)

Research Ethics

All members of the University staff and students are required to plan and conduct their investigations in accordance with appropriate ethical standards. Research Ethics at UL is overseen by the University of Limerick Research Ethics Governance committee (ULREG). It is primarily concerned with research related policies, procedures and governance, whilst all research ethics applications are considered at Faculty level by Research Ethics Committees (RECs). Appeals of Faculty REC decisions are referred to ULREG.

Faculty Research Ethics Committees must be consulted about any research proposals which may require ethics approval. Examples of projects that require approval are:

  • Direct experimentation on individuals
  • Surveys or questionnaires administered to individuals
  • Use of data derived from individual records where individuals might be identified
  • Experimentation which involves animals

For further details on the Faculty RECs and making an application for ethical approval, see links to the Faculty RECs below:

Research on patients (i.e. people who are receiving treatment as a result of an illness) is not within the remit of the UL Ethics Committee and should be referred to the Mid-Western Regional Hospital Research Ethics Committee.

The following documents should be consulted when submitting a Research Ethics application involving the use of animals:

The Office of the Vice President of Research maintains overall responsibility for research ethics and governance structures at the University. This is facilitated by the Operational Guidelines of the ULREG Committee.

All issues relating to Research Ethics at UL are dealt with on the main Research Ethics website.