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Purchasing Equipment

This section provides information on purchasing equipment within procurement guidelines

Procurement within the University is subject to legislative requirements of EU Procurement Directives and enforceable under Irish Law. Procurement is part of the Finance Department. The role of the Procurement and Contracts Office is to help departments maximize value for money in the purchase of goods and services in the University. The Head of Procurement co-ordinates the formulation and dissemination of the Procurement Strategy for the University over the whole range of non-pay spend. All the information and guidance needed to perform day-to-day procurement activities is set out in the Procurement Policy and we advise that staff familiarise themselves with this policy before purchasing goods and services.

The Procurement Guidelines set out the steps to be followed to ensure that equipment is procured and purchased in accordance with national and EU guidelines.

The Purchase to Pay procedures outline the steps involved in the purchase, receipt and payment of goods.

The Procurement section of the UL Finance website will help with any issues relating to the purchase of equipment and goods for research projects.