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Financial Management

This section provides information on financial management & reporting, research invoicing and post project audits

The Research Finance Office is responsible for reviewing budgets for research funding proposals, signing research proposal authorisation forms, monitoring income and expenditure relating to research accounts, preparation of financial reports for internal and external agencies, preparation of files for audit, opening new research accounts and providing information on the financial terms of agency agreements.

Financial Management & Reporting

Research Finance review and approve expenditure against available budget and complete financial reports for review by the PI prior to submission to the funding agency. They assist with preparing requests for budget reallocations or extensions, and submit these to the funding agency. A number of online research reports have been developed on Agresso to assist cost centre managers (Project Leaders) with the management of their research accounts. Cost centre managers can review income, expenditure & purchase order (PO) commitments for their project on Agresso. Monthly cost centre statements are also emailed to cost centre managers. The Research Finance Office allocates overheads in accordance with the Research Overheads Policy annually. Further information can be found in the Research Finance Office guidelines on the Financial Management and Reporting for Research Projects.

Research Invoicing & Research Partner Funds Transfer

Where UL is a co-ordinator and is responsible for transferring funds to other Research Partners, the allocation of partner budgets and transfer of funding is done by the Research Finance Office. For industry funded research an invoicing schedule is maintained and all sales invoices for research services are issued by the Finance Department. All requests to raise invoices for research services should be emailed to Further information can be found in the Research Finance Office guidelines on Research Invoicing & Research Partner Funds Transfer

Post-Award Audits

Research Projects are subject to audit ongoing throughout the life of the project and for many years after the project ends e.g. ERDF 2022. Compliance with the terms & conditions of Grant Agreements is critical and non-compliance can result in financial penalties for the project. It is important that all persons with responsibility for funded research projects ensure that they have a clear understanding of the compliance requirements for these projects. Click here for guidelines on Audit of Research Projects.

The UL Research Finance Office website provides further information relating to the financial management of research projects