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HRB-MRCG Irish Cancer Society joint research call

*** This opportunity will be available soon. The next call is expected to open in October 2019. The following information is subject to change. ***

The Medical Research Charities Group and Health Research Board invite applications for the joint Irish Cancer Society research call. This supports interdisciplinary and interinstitutional translational research in the area of immuno-oncology. Applications are invited from clinicians, allied health care professionals and scientists already established in the field of prehabilitation or rehabilitation research. The principal investigator must either hold a post that covers the duration of the award in a recognised research institution as an independent investigator, be a contract researcher recognised by the research institution as an independent investigator or be an individual who will be recognised by the research institution upon receipt of the HRB-MRCG award. The PI must also demonstrate a record of research output, with at least three publications of original research in peer reviewed journals. Applicants are expected to collaborate with partner organisations, such as universities, hospitals, health agencies, local government or voluntary organisations, where appropriate. Public participation is also encouraged. The host institution should typically be located in Ireland, though exceptions may be made in the case of the investigation of certain rare diseases for which there is no established research capacity in Ireland.

Grants are worth up to €285,000 each for one to three years.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020