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Prof. Thomas Cosgrove


Tom Cosgrovewas appointed Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Limerick[CIVIL @ UL] in 2009 having previously developed and delivered a 3 yearprogramme in Structures for the School of Architecture at UL. At PunchConsulting Engineers he found deep satisfaction working with many of Ireland'sleading Architects and contractors on major projects. By preference he hasbeen involved in training and mentoring over 36 engineers on these projects. Amongthe highlights of his career is undoubtedly the privilege he enjoyed inleading the Structural team for the new Thomond Park Stadium in Limerick. Underhis leadership Civil @ UL is pioneering a Problem Based Learning approach toEngineering Education. His team is also involved in outreach to schools tocommunicate the joy of Engineering. Tom is also course director for thecollaborative Civil Engineering programme at Henan Polytechnic University,China, where he teaches each year. As a Director of Punch he participated inbusiness strategy, design, and business process and project management.He is activein Engineer's Ireland and The Institution of Structural Engineers (IrelandBranch). At UL he is involvedin research in Engineering Education, Sustainable Urban Transport, TimberGridshells and Vibration in Microelectronics Facilities.
When not doing, researching or teaching engineering in Ireland and China heenjoys singing in choirs, snorkelling and hill walking.