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Prof. Sibel Erduran


Sibel Erduran is Chair of STEM Education at University of Limerick, Ireland. She is an Editor for International Journal of Science Education, Section Editor for Science Education, serves as a member of the ESERA Executive Board and as Secretary of the Royal Irish Academy Social Sciences Committee. Previously, she has held elected positions on the NARST and IHPST Boards. She held Visiting Professorships at Kristianstad University, Sweden, and Bogazici University, Turkey. She has also worked at University of Pittsburgh, USA and King's College, University of London and University of Bristol, United Kingdom. Her higher education was completed in the USA at Vanderbilt (PhD Science Education & Philosophy), Cornell (MSc Food chemistry) and Northwestern (Biochemistry) Universities. She has worked as a chemistry teacher in a high school in northern Cyprus. Her research interests focus on the applications in science education of epistemic perspectives on science in general and in chemistry in particular. She has co-edited a book (Erduran and Jimenez- Aleixandre 2007, Springer) on argumentation in science education, an area of research for which she has received an award from NARST. Her recent book entitled 'Reconceptualising the Nature of Science for Science Education: Scientific Knowledge, Practices and Other Family Categories' was authored with Zoubeida Dagher and was published in 2014 by Springer.

Research Interests

Science education, argumentation in science teaching and learning, nature of science, epistemic practices of science, epistemology of chemistry, history and philosophy of science in science education, science teacher education

Recent Research & Development Projects

STeP into Science: Engaging Students, Teachers and Parents in Scientific Debates, Science Foundation Ireland (2016)

Reviewing the potential and challenges of developing STEAM education through creative pedagogies for 21st learning, British Educational Research Association (2016-2017)

Nature of science in science teacher education: A comparative research and development project, Bogazici University (2016-2018)

Infusing Scientific Practices in Science Teacher Education in Lebanon, NARST Linking Science Educators Program (2015)

A Collaboration to Develop Tools for Mapping and Assessing the Impact of STEM Experiences Across Different Ecologies, Wellcome Trust/NSF Science Learning +, (2014-2015)

Enhancing the Teaching and Learning of Argumentation in Science Lessons in Rwanda, NARST Linking Science Educators Program (2014)

Professional Activities


  • Director, International History, Philosophy and Science Teaching Group Council


  • EHS Research Committee,
  • Athena SWAN Steering Committee,
  • UL Buildings Committee,
  • EPS Research Committee,
  • Royal Irish Academy Social Sciences Committee,
  • European Science Education Research Association Executive Board,
  • Science & Education Journal (Springer) Advisory Board,


  • Editor, International Journal of Science Education

  • Section Editor, Science Education



Book Chapter


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Conference Publication


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Other Journal


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Other Publication


Education with a big E in STEM Education
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Link Magazine, University of Limerick

Peer Reviewed Journal


Focus on Scientific Practices
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Science Education


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