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The untold story - understanding the Multinational Sector in Ireland

Researchers Involved:

A team of researchers from the University of Limerick are working to better understand the landscape of Multinational Companies (MNCs) in Ireland. Professor Patrick Gunnigle, Professor of Business, Leader of the Work, Knowledge and Employment Research Theme, Kemmy Business School, explains: “Ireland is arguably one of the most dependent on multinational companies in the world. It is vital that we understand the landscape of multinational companies here to better inform policy debate on this sector.”

Using psychology and the power of collective identities to combat adversity

Psychology has traditionally focused on biological, genetic or personality factors to explain why some people cope better or worse than others in adverse situations. However such a focus can lead to a therapeutic dead end as it is very difficult to change a person’s temperament or genetic predispositions. Researchers at the Centre for Social Issues Research at University of Limerick have addressed this problem by conducting highly regarded research on the benefits and burdens of so-called ‘collective identities’, such as nationality, socio-economic groups, and ethnicity.

Siobhan Griffin

Ms Isabel Pita

Mr. Adam O'Riordan

Dr. Shalini Singh

Niamh Hickey

Dr. Maria Cermeno

Dr. Alexandros Tsoupras

Dr. Elaine Murtagh