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Mr. Abhijeet Thaker

Prof. Vivek Ranade

Dr. David Styles

Building teacher knowledge for quality mathematics education in Ireland

Researchers Involved:

Improving mathematics proficiency among Irish school children has long been a topic of national debate. The research team at EPI*STEM, the national centre for STEM Education based at the University of Limerick (UL), play a key role in highlighting the subject’s challenges and providing solutions.  EPI*STEM’s research uncovered a fundamental barrier to mathematical attainment.

Examining zero hours and low hours work in Ireland: regulation and the ‘grey zone’ of work

Researchers Involved:

Zero hours work is work with no guaranteed hours. Researchers at the Kemmy Business School (KBS), University of Limerick, have been examining the prevalence and impact of zero hours work and low hours work amongst Irish employees. Their government-commissioned 2015 report titled ‘A Study on the Prevalence of Zero Hours Contracts Among Irish Employers and Their Impact on Employees’ contained a series of recommendations on how to improve workers’ rights.

Ms Niamh Hehir

Dr Angelica Risquez

Ms Victoria Kelly

Richard Walsh

Mr. Clement O'Donnell