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Ms. Ruth Ryan


Ruth's experience of providing support and care to persons, living with intellectual disability, and their families is predominantly in residential and community services and founded on her nurse training and education. As a registered nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) Ruth has further enhanced these qualifications receiving a BSc. in Nursing Studies (University of Limerick; 2000) PG Dip. in Nurse Education (University of Limerick 2002) and a MSc. in Advanced Nursing (University of Ulster 2004). PhD studies are underway.

Research Interests

Research; My core research interests relate to the construction of disability in both historical and contemporary contexts.

Specifically I am interested in supported decision making and how legalistic and social visions of supported practices and policies are embedded in daily realities for family and healthcare practitioners. This underpins my doctoral studies under the supervision of Dr. Barry Coughlan ‘exploring family carers experiences of supporting persons with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities in decision making' ongoing.

Member of since 2013 working closely with colleagues from a range of disciplines on a range of initiatives such as tendering processes, research and local discussion groups

Teaching Interests

Teaching: I have a range of modules, and utilise a range of pedagogical methods and modes of assessment to facilitate learning and independent approaches to leaning with students from undergraduate and post graduate programmes. Underpinning my teachinig is the 'value of curriculum' and placing the module in context. Specialised subject areas include; intellectual disability and final year project supervision.

Professional Activities


  • 2014 Undergraduate Curriculum Development Team,
  • 2014 Undergraduate Curriculum DesignTeam 2014-2016,
  • 2013 Academic Programme Review Committee (APRC) 2013-2016,


  • 2004 University of Ulster - MSc
  • 2002 University of Ulster - Postgraduate Diploma
  • 2001 University of Limerick - BSc (Honours - 2.1)
  • 1995 Daughters of Charity Service - Certificate


  • 1995 Member, Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI)