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Ms. Kathleen Markey


I am a lecturer in the Department of Nursing and Midwifery, EHS Faculty, University of Limerick, since 2007. During this time I was appointed as Course Director for International studies and was instrumental in developing and leading on a number of internationalisation initiatives within the department, completing my tenure in 2017. Prior to this, I was a senior lecturer in nursing at Middlesex University, United Kingdom. My extensive clinical, managerial and educator experiences both in Ireland and in the United Kingdom has provided me with significant experience and expertise to facilitate student and self-learning, through teaching, supervision, administration, curriculum development and research. My particular research interests and scholarly activity are in the areas of cultural and ethnic diversity in healthcare, transcultural nursing, cultural competence development, internationalisation of curriculum, intercultural education and student learning and development.

Research Interests

Research interests include curriculum development, exploring initatives that encourage student learning, interprofessional education and transcultural nursing and eductaion.

Professional Activities


  • 2017 - PhD


  • 2017 Middlesex University - PhD
  • 2005 Middlesex University - MSc
  • 2002 Middlesex University - PGCHE


  • 2007 European Transcultural Nurses' Association (ETNA), European transcultural association provides an opportunity for representative from each Eurpoean country to meet.
  • 2007 Journal of Health, Social and Environmental Issues Internal Member,
  • Transcultural Nurses Network (TNN), Irish Transcultural Nurses Network


  • 2005 University of Sheffield, United Kingdom - External Examiner



Book Chapter


Preliminary frindings from a study exploring how (student) nurses and midwives overcome the challenges of providing care for diverse cultural groups in Irish healthcare settings
Markey, K
Lets Learn Together, Lets Work Together: Challenges and Solutions for Transcultural Health and Social Care

Conference Contribution

Conference Publication


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Peer Reviewed Journal


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