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Ms. Brid Dunne


Brid Dunne graduated with a first class honours MSc Occupational Therapy from University of Limerick in 2012. Prior to this, she completed a BA Liberal Arts (Psychology and Maths) from Mary Immaculate College, and an MA Irish Music Performance from the University of Limerick. Brid is a PhD candidate at the University of Limerick. Her PhD research was funded by an Irish Research Council Postgraduate Award (the project was initially funded by a Department of Occupational Therapy stipend). Her research supervisors are Dr. Judith Pettigrew and Dr. Katie Robinson. The research explores the history, knowledge, and practice of occupational therapy in Ireland, and uses archival and oral history methods to critically analyse how the profession emerged in the Irish context. In August 2016, she was appointed part time Lecturer in the Department of Clinical Therapies, University of Limerick. She also works as a lecturer with the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy at University College Cork, where she lectures on Year 1 and Year 4 of the undergraduate program. Her teaching interests include critical historical perspectives on occupational science and occupational therapy, research methods, mental health, academic writing, and human rights perspectives on occupational therapy.


Peer Reviewed Journal


The first 100 years of the use of occupation as therapy in Ireland 1863-1963
Pettigrew, J., Robinson, K., Dunne, B., & O'Mahoney, J.
The Irish Journal Of Occupational Therapy


Using historical documentary methods to explore the history of occupational therapy
Dunne, B., Pettigrew, J., & Robinson, K.
British Journal Of Occupational Therapy