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Mr. Maurice O'Connell


Maurice researches in the Graduate Entry Medical School with Professor of Health Economics John Forbes. Maurice's research is a combination of mathematics, statistics, health economics, medical research and epidemiology in the area of the health economic evaluation of medical randomised controlled trials and medical decision making.

Maurice lectures Health Economics in the Professional Competencies module to 2nd & 3rd year medical students in the Graduate Entry Medical School. Previously, Maurice has lectured Finance, Insurance, Research Methodologies, Risk and Accounting in the Kemmy Business School.

Prior to taking up his position in UL, Maurice trained as a Consultant Actuary for Aon Hewitt and Standard Life Assurance Company. Maurice has also worked as a post-primary teacher of mathematics, business, science, physical education, SPHE and Young Social Innovators where he taught his subjects through both the Irish and English language. Maurice has also researched within the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry in the University of Limerick.

He has a BSc in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics from Dublin City University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from University College Cork. He has studied the Institute of Actuary Examinations in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Maurice has studied Bayesian Health Economic Evaluation and Medical Statistics at University College London. He also holds a qualification in agriculture. Maurices' PhD (Health Economics & Statistics) supervisors are Professor of Health Economics John F Forbes & Professor of Statistics Cathal D Walsh & Dr Sara Hayes (Physiotherapy & Cochrane Fellow).

Maurice O'Connells website is at

Research Interests

Medical Randomised Controlled Trials
Medical Decision Making
Health Economics
Mathematics & Statistics
Medical Research
Risk Modelling
Survival Analysis

Teaching Interests

Health Economics to Medical Students
Health Economic Bayesian Analysis
Derivative Markets
Financial Engineering
Reinsurance & Alternative Risk Transfer
Life Insurance
Insurance Law and Claims
Risk Management
Governance and Risk
Management Accounting
Principles of Accounting
Financial Information Analysis
International Corporate Finance

Professional Activities


  • 2014 Graduate Entry Medical School, University of Limerick. - Researcher
  • 2013 Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science & Industry, MACSI, University of Limerick - Researcher
  • 2012 Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick - Lecturer, Researcher, Teaching Assistant
  • 2008 Department of Education & Skills, Ireland - Teacher
  • 2004 Aon Hewitt - Actuary
  • 2003 Standard Life - Actuary


  • 2013 - Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher
  • 2012 - Irish National Silver Medal, Young Social Innovators
  • 2012 - Irish National Step Up Challenge Winners, Young Social Innovators


  • 2008 Registered Mathematics Teacher, Teaching Council of Ireland
  • 2004 Past Member, Society of Actuaries in Ireland
  • 2004 Past Member, Institute of Actuaries in the United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Member, International Health Economics Association (iHEA)
  • Member, International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcome Research
  • Fellow, The Royal Statistical Society, UK


  • 2004 Molex -
  • 2004 Vita Cortex - Actuarial Pension Consultancy Work
  • 2004 Punch - Actuarial Pension Consultancy Work
  • 2004 PricewaterhouseCoopers - Actuarial Pension Consultancy Work

  • 2004 BUPA - Actuarial Pension Consultancy Work
  • 2004 Drinagh - Actuarial Pension Consultancy Work
  • 2004 Aon Hewitt's Clients - Actuarial Pension Consultancy Work for Aon Hewitt clients


  • French
  • English
  • Irish


Conference Contribution


102nd European Study Group with Industry, University College Dublin.
School of Mathematical Sciences, University College Dublin.


93rd European Study Group with Industry
Mathematics Application Consortium with Science & Industry, MACSI


Student Mathematical Modelling Workshop
Mathematics Application Consortium for Science & Industry,MACSI

Other Publication


Exploring wind demand and system marginal price in the single electricity market. 102nd European Study Group with Industry, University College Dublin.
Murphy, T.B., Gormley, I.C., Sweeney, C., Sweatman, W.L., O'Connell, M.M., O'Sullivan, D, Idiak, J.
Exporing Wind Demand and System Marginal Price in the Single Electricity Market, 102nd European Study Group with Industry, University College Dublin.


Team Teaching
O'Connell, M.M., O'Brien, S


Teaching to Multiple Intelligences
O'Connell, M.M.,O'Brien, S


Performing an Analysis of Surplus
O'Connell, M.M., Deane, K, Shortt, W.
Aon Hewitt Industry Paper

Peer Reviewed Journal


MH1 – Discrete Event Simulation Modelling of Long Term Cost-Effectiveness of Internet-Based Blended Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Major Depressive Disorder: Extrapolation of the E-Compared Randomised Controlled Trial
MM O'Connell, S Kolovos, JE Bosmans, JF Forbes, E-COMPARED Consortium
Value in health : the journal of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research DOI:

Published Report


Electricity Exchange Demand Side Unit Performance Monitoring
O'Connell, M.M., Bokharaie, V, Carroll, P, Devine, M, Fennell, P, Gleeson, J, Hayes, K, Hunter, G, Idiak, J, Lee, W, Lynch, J, Mason, J, Nowotarski, J, O'Sullivan, D, Tomczyk, J, Ward, J, Yan, L.T.A, and Finn P.