Building an Innovation Ecosystem

Professor of Primary Healthcare Research, Public & Patient Involvement (PPI) Leader

People have expert knowledge about their own health and illness. It is essential that this knowledge is respected and included in health research. Professor MacFarlane and her inter-disciplinary team in the Graduate Entry Medical School are working on projects in Ireland, Europe and in North America to identify best practice to promote the meaningful involvement of patients and the public in health research.

Building an Innovation Ecosystem

Health and wellbeing are human rights which are put at risk by sedentary behaviours and lack of physical activity. Professor Alan Donnelly, Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology, Lifestyle & Health Theme Leader, HRI and his team are helping Ireland and Europe identify the most effective strategies for combatting these ever-increasing threats to health, and to promote health for citizens of all ages.

Inaugural Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) Summer School

The HRI is delighted to launch the inaugural Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) Summer School which takes place at the University of Limerick on Tuesday 21st June 2016.

The Summer School is designed for individuals who wish to develop their knowledge and access resources for Public and Patient Involvement in health research. We welcome participation from community organisations, patient groups, researchers, health service providers and policy-makers.


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