Vascular Access Workshop - 28 September 2016

On September 28th 2016, the Technology Enhanced Health Outcomes theme of the HRI at the University of Limerick will host a workshop on Vascular Access. The workshop is part of an EU project grant entitled Renal Dialysis Vascular Access (ReDVA) and is supported by the Health Research Institute. The ReDVA project is a joint industry-academia research programme to overcome the scientific and technical barriers to the understanding, development and adoption of technologies to combat the significant clinical problem of the failure of renal dialysis venous access.

The partnership will capitalise on the exchange of complementary inter-disciplinary knowledge and expertise between partners in the clinical imaging and medical device industries, and leading academic research centres in Renal Medicine, Vascular Biology, Vascular Surgery, Medical Physics, Clinical Imaging, (CT, MRI and Ultrasound), Imaging Contrast Media, and Computational Fluid Dynamics. This collaboration brings together the translational aspects of vascular biology, physics, applied medical physics, engineering, and clinical trials. This translational approach is targeted at developing vascular surgical, medical therapeutic and medical device strategies to improve the performance and longevity of renal dialysis venous access which underpins the life supporting haemodialysis techniques used in patients with kidney failure and renal replacement programmes. Through active and ongoing knowledge transfer the partners anticipate that this synergistic and intra-sectoral multi-disciplinary research partnership will create significant momentum, enduring relationships, visionary researchers and a roadmap towards significant European market share, as well as delivering on truly excellent scientific objectives.

Speakers at the workshop include Mr. James McDaid, Transplant Surgeon, City Hospital, Belfast, N. Ireland, Prof. Timmy Lee, Department of Nephrology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, United States of America, Mr Nicolas Inston, Renal Surgeon, Queen Elisabeth Hospital Birmingham, Birmingham, England., Prof Graeme Houston, Consultant Radiologist, University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland and Dr. Ir. Christian Poelma, Laboratory for Aero- and Hydrodynamics, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. The range of topics covered includes, clinical issues in vascular access, imaging of vascular access, experimental and computational modelling of the hemodynamics of vascular access, patient monitoring in vascular access and disease formation mechanisms in vascular access.

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