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Emeritus Sl. Ann Taylor


I moved from King's College London to the
University of
in 2003 with the responsibility of establishing the Department of Physiotherapy and I was the foundation head of department until 2010. I have a long interest in the process of education, especially its delivery and evaluation, with a particular interest in Inter-professional education. My main clinical related research activity centres around cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation and I have been involved with several
bodies in writing clinical guidelines for the management of people with cardiac problems.

Research Interests

Cardiac Rehabilitation;Chronic heart failure; Implementation and evaluation of Inter-professional education.

Professional Activities


  • 2010 Dept of Clinical Therapies, University of Limerick - Senior Lecturer
  • 2003 Physiotherapy Department, University of Limerick, - Senior lecturer/Founder Head of Department
  • 1996 Kings College London, UK - Lecturer in Physiotherapy
  • 1991 Dept. of Cardiovascular Med, University of Nottingham, UK - PhD student
  • 1989 Nottingham School of Physiotherapy - Senior Teacher in Physiotherapy
  • 1980 Liverpool Scool of Physiotherapy, UK - Teacher / Senior teacher in Physiotherapy


  • 2009 Health and Social Care Professionals Council,
  • 2009 Education committee, Health & Social Care Professionals Council/CORU,
  • 2006 Education committee of Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists,
  • 2006 Programme accreditation board of Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists,
  • 2005 Health Sciences, Southampton University, UK,
  • 2004 Royal Irish Academy, Life Sciences Committee,
  • 2001 National Institute of Clinical Excellence Guideline Development Group for management of Chronic Heart Failure,
  • 2001 Royal College of Physicians SIGN guidelines for Cardiac Rehabilitation.,
  • 1998 British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation,
  • 1990 Sheffield Hallam University, UK,


  • 2003 Member, Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists
  • 2002 Fellow, Institute for learning and teaching in Higher Education


  • 1996 University of Nottingham - Ph.D.
  • 1988 University of Liverpool - M.Sc.
  • 1983 Open University - B.A.