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Dr. Sean Donlan

Research Interests

Comparative law, legal history, and legal theory, including (i) Mixed legalsystems and normative/legalpluralism, (ii) Normative theory in comparativeand historical perspective, and (iii) Lawand norms in the Mediterranean, especially Malta.
Law, history, the humanities, and the social sciences, including (i) Laws and norms in Spanish West Florida, c1803-1810 and (ii) The State and jurisdictional complexity in legalhistory.
Public (constitutional) law, including comparative constitutional review.
Legal education (trans-systemic and trans-temporal)

Professional Activities


  • 2012 President (and Co-Founder), Juris Diversitas
  • 2011 General Secretary, World Society for Mixed-Jurisdiction Jurists
  • 2009 Vice President (and Founder), Irish Society of Comparative Law
  • 2009 Executive Council Member (previously General Secretary, 2010-12), European Society for Comparative Legal History
  • 2005 Member and Secretary (2005-2009), University of Limerick Eighteenth-Century Ireland Research Group
  • 2004 Executive Committee, Irish Legal History Society
  • 2002 Secretary, Eighteenth-century Ireland Society/Cumann Éire san Ochtú Céad Déag


  • 2011 - George Sarton Medal (for legal history)
  • 2011 - Member (invited)


  • 2002 Trinity College, University of Dublin - PhD
  • 1999 PM Hebert Law Center, Louisiana State University -
  • 1991 University of Houston - BA